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As my husband and I are getting our new home together the projects become more fun and personal.

Now that we’ve finally figured out which room is what it’s time to start designing and putting together of those rooms. The FUN part! :)

I thought I’d share some of the inspirations I have for my office. I can’t wait to share the final product!



(Photos: image01 / image02 / image03)


My husband and I recently had a the opportunity to celebrate our 3 year anniversary on an Alaskan Cruise!!

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite views/places during our cruise.

Our first stop on the Cruise was in Ketchikan, Alaska. This was my favorite city of the 3 cities we were ported in on our cruise. I loved the small town atmosphere and all the greenery and cottage-like homes. While we were in town I found an adorable little shop called “Ketchikan Dry Goods” and I highly recommend going in if you ever havet he chance to go to Ketchikan!


My next favorite place was when we cruised through Tracy Arm Fjord. The whole 360 view was completely stunning!


And last but not least, I now have a city crush on Victoria, BC!!! It’s true what they say, Canadians are the nicest people and apparently they have beautiful cities!

The thing I probably loved most about Victoria was The Empress. Something about just looking at it made you feel like royalty. It is one of the most stunning buildings I’ve ever seen. I definitely hope to one day go back and explore it even more!



I am so excited to be sharing the news that Brandon and I bought our FIRST home. We are so excited about this new journey. We are full of ideas and DIY inspiration to make this home ours.

Buying a home is a crazy-fun adventure. Crazy being a nicer word for stressful and fun meaning I LOVE house hunting. I could have walked through houses all day, Brandon on the other hand … not so much. Ha!

I’m so happy that Brandon and I took “First Home Photos”. I feel like they really capture that the BEST feelings of when you buy a house. That moment when you get the keys and the house is finally yours. It’s like your dreams and reality collide. Such a great feeling!! :)

brandon-jenna-day-housebrandon-jenna-dayThank you Scott Cornelius for capturing this moment for us! These pictures will be forever cherished. :)

When I was a little girl I only wanted to wear dresses. Seriously. My mom and grandma are full of stories that involve me and dresses and not wanting to wear ANYTHING else. (Like, I was a big pout if I didn’t get to wear a dress. Classic embarrassing childhood stories, ya know?!)

dress-upThey other day I came across this photo on Pinterest that made me want to just lay around in fancy dresses. Even go grocery shopping in a fancy dress. Pretty much just wear fancy dresses like this 24/7.

So … now I’m planing a party just for that! Dressing up just to dress up because we are never too old for that, right?!



Yesterday I celebrated my birthday with some friends in Dallas.

We started the day with brunch at Smoke and then did a mini road trip to Canton, TX for some Antique shopping!

dallas-texascar-ridePS – I’m on Vine now!! You can find me by searching “Jenna Day”

We decided to play around with the new app. You can check out our video below!


I can’t think of a better way to start off this new year than with a BRAND NEW BLOG DESIGN! I am so excited about where this blog is going this year. Brandon and I have a few adventures waiting for us as well this year and I look forward to documenting all of them for you. :)

Be sure to explore my new blog and let me know what you think!