On my recent trip to LA I was able to visit the famous Paul Smith wall. I knew my soon to be momma friend was finding out the gender of her baby right before our trip so I was eager to find out if it was a boy or a girl. :)

And…well in case you couldn’t tell…IT’S A GIRL!!! I am so excited to meet miss Sophia Grace Zoucha! I loved taking these celebratory photos of Lauren! Enjoy!

lauren-3 lauren-4 lauren-5 lauren-2



I love sharing photos of this little fam! My sister-in-law, Whitney, and her husband have the cutest little girl. I can’t believe how quickly Maggie Mae is growing! As I watch her grow I totally understand what people mean when they say it feels like just the other day they were born, because… well… IT DOES. She is getting so tall and so smart!

holt-2 holt-3 holt-4 holt-5 holt-6 holt-7 holt-8 holt-9


I am SO SO SO SO SOOOO excited to share these photos of my friend’s precious daughter, Heartlynn Mae. Earlier this year I was able to take maternity photos for her sweet parents, Jaymes & Jordan. I loved being able to take photos of Heartlynn! I was inspired after seeing a photo on pinterest of a sweet baby with flowers in the shape of an oval around her and I knew I just had to do it with Heartlynn. She is an absolute doll and is photogenic just like her momma. :)

While Heartlynn napped Jordan and I set up the floral heart and gathered a few outfits and headbands for her to wear. My favorite outfit was the last one. Jordan’s mom saved a lot of her baby clothes and that’s the outfit she came home from the hospital in when she was a baby. I’m a sentimental person so when Jordan shared that story with me it just made my heart explode with happiness to see Heartlynn wearing it!

heartlynn-mae-7 heartlynn-mae-9 heartlynn-mae-11 heartlynn-mae-13 heartlynn-mae-21 heartlynn-mae-31 heartlynn-mae-36 heartlynn-mae-38


Back in June I was able to go to Nashville to visit my sister, Jillian. You may remember the photos I shared of Jillian Edwards a few weeks ago from my trip. It was the trip of all things JILLIAN!! ;)

Jillian will be celebrating her 1 year Nashville Anniversary at the beginning of September. I can’t believe how fast time has gone! I loved being able to visit her and see her in her element for a whole week.

I wanted to take photos of her while I was there to represent this new journey she is on. I’m a huge fan of the TV show Nashville so I knew I wanted to take photos of Jillian on the Nashville pedestrian bridge. (Rayna James & Deacon Claybourne forever, yall! Anyone??)

I love how she just shines and rocks this town! I could not think of a more perfect city for her. From country music to gorgeous landscapes and fireflies…perfectly Jillian. :)

jillian-8 jillian-15 jillian-17 jillian-21 jillian-24