DIY | inspired Hair Clips

I have loved the ban.doJumbo Party Bobbi” ever since I laid eyes on it. I loved the simplicity of it. However, I couldn’t ever bring myself to spend $15 (which really isn’t THAT bad) on something I could make myself and get more than just one clip.

So then began my trip to Hobby Lobby…I got everything I needed for just a little over $4*!!! I was able to make five hair clips. So here is how YOU can make your own:

*(Glue and scissors not included. I already had those at home.)

What you will need:

Sequined ribbon
Hair clip
Fabric Glue
Epoxy Glue (or hot glue, or you can use the same fabric glue. Epoxy just has a super strong hold that I like. But be warned it’s super smelly at first!!)


1 | Cut your ribbon to the length of your hair clip. Mine was about 2 inches.

2 | Using the fabric glue, glue down the loose strings at the ends of your sequins so they will not fly away. (I’m sure normal people would sew, but I just find fabric glue so much easier!) Wait about 3-5 minutes for the edges to dry.

3 | Put a line of glue down your hair clip. Make sure not to put too much; you don’t want to glue your clip shut. :)

4 | Place the sequined ribbon on your clip and hold it for about 30 seconds to make sure it stays in the correct place. The epoxy I used says it takes 5 minutes for it to dry completely so wait at LEAST 5 minutes.

5 | &&Voilà!!! The hair clip is complete! Simple right? You can make as many of these as your heart desires in whatever color you want. They are so fun, and they can dress up any outfit.

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