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Once upon a time, I made a commitment to blog more…and then my husband and I got a house. (YAYY!!) Therefore, all of my extra time and energy has gone into organizing, furniture shopping(AKA stalking Craigslist for the best deals), getting rid of old things, staring at that big mess in the kitchen of too many dishes I need to wash before I find a place for them. ZERO time to have fun and be creative.

We’ve been in our home for three weeks now, so things are starting to settle and that is just the nicest feeling in the World! Brandon and I finally have a couch, and I am amazed at the peace it gave our little home. Sometimes you just need a place to sit and be still. SO NICE. Also, watching movies on hard wood floor isn’t as fun as it sounds. Which now that I think about it, that has never really sounded like fun.

SO…! All that to say, I would love to share with you some things that have inspired me for our home. We are still decorating, but as rooms come together, I want to share our finished product in the months to come. :)

Here are some pictures from my “For the Home” Pinterest board. You can follow it HERE to see more of what inspires me for my home!

These are my DREAM WALLS. I am such a sucker for black and white stripes in homes. Since we are renting, I won’t be able to do this quite yet, but I am currently hunting for curtains to do the job for now. So if any of you know place I can look…feel free to share with me! :)

I love the symmetry of this. Also, that mirror is just gorgeous!!!

CHEVRON. Of course. This rug is just…AHH…wonderful. Yup. I also really like pops of color. I’m a big fan of the primary colors, but I also love gray scales.

Even though I really like symmetry, I also realllllyyy like asymmetry. (I like EVERYTHING, okay…sorry! You will notice if you look at my Pinterest board.) I am such a fan of picture frames. BIG ONES. I can’t wait to fill up our walls!

Also, isn’t that pink couch the best?? Our couch right now is khaki, so pink pillows…hmm. It could happen. :)

PS!! – I will be blogging more now. Good things to come. I hope you like it. :)

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