My Top 5 | December 2011

1 | Mini Heart

I am so excited about all of the different things I will be able to do with this little sparkly heart. So far it’s been a fun hair accessory! I look forward to discovering ways to incorporate it into my jewelry and clothing too.


I have found that this is the best chap stick for me in the wintertime. Especially in Texas where the weather can never make up it’s mind! I’ve always had a bad habit of licking my lips so with all the weather changes my lips get so dry! As soon as I put this on I can feel my lips instantly getting the moisture they need. It’s wonderful! I have this on me at all times.

(I’ve found I can’t use my mint EOS lip balm because my lips aren’t responding to it the same as it they did in the summer time. :( So now I have a winter balm and a summer balm. Fun!)

3 | Red Nails

Photo via Pinterest

I always knew red nails are a classic, but recently when I had to paint my nails in a hurry for a weekend full of Christmas parties I picked up an old red I had that would be festive and quick. I was going to throw some gold glitter on top of it, but then I was so obsessed with the look of my nails just being red.

4 | Velvet

I’ve found that velvet is a fun way to accessorize in the winter time. I especially love velvet pencil skirts. It adds warmth to your outfit even if it is a bright pink. It’s also fun to get velvet ribbon and wrap it in your hair or around your wrist as a bracelet. (Cheap too!!)

5 | Cable-Knit Throw

This is my baby I don’t have yet! I love this cable-knit throw from Pottery Barn. I put it on my Christmas list, and I cannot wait to get it! Shame on me for knowing…sorry, Mom! :)

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