My Top 5 | July 2011

1 | H&M Denim Top

This is such a classic top. Especially for Texas girls! It goes with anything, and you can make it your own by adding fun accessories. (Just please don’t wear them with denim jeans! Some people can pull it off, but overall I do not like that look.)

2 | Falsies by Maybelline

I’ve been using the same mascara for about three years but recently I made a switch. I just wanted to try this out, and now it is my new favorite! I always buy waterproof though because 1) I have straight eyelashes so I use a curler, and I’ve found waterproof holds my curl all day and 2) you just never know when you are going to cry or jump in a pool! Now I don’t have to worry about black streaks! The only downside is it takes longer to get the mascara off of your eyelashes when you wash your face but I think it’s worth it!

3 | Learning to Play Piano

This is my new hobby. I go to youtube and type “*name of song* piano tutorial” and learn as much as I can in an hour or two. I usually learn the first half of the song and then the next time I sit down I’m like, “Oh! I want to learn this song now”. I can play a few songs half way through. I’m just glad I can sit at a piano and play something besides “Heart and Soul” :)

4 | Newspaper Print Nails

Here is a simple but unique at home nail manicure. I love the look of this and how easy it is to do! I’ve also seen people do it with newspaper cartoons. This is just too cute!

Instructions: cut squares of newsprint larger than nails. Apply a base coat of polish. When nails are completely dry, soak them in alcohol, then press newsprint on the nail and slowly pull off. Top coat to seal.

5 | Hot Chocolate at Mimi’s Cafe

First of all, this is my all time favorite place to go for breakfast. Secondly, what is breakfast without hot chocolate?! I don’t care if it’s 105 degrees outside. I love their hot chocolate! It’s the best around and if you haven’t tried it you definitely should!

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