My Top 5 | May 2011

1 | Ombre Nails

This is such a great look. I remember the first time I saw it I just had to do it! So far my favorite colors in the ombre look are blue and pink. I am looking forward to trying out the browns in the fall too! Check out this video tutorial to learn how to give yourself this manicure at home.

2 | La Mer Wrap Watches

Oh my goshhh. I am so obsessed with La Mer’s wrap watches. They are so different and unique. I love the variety in style and color. My personal favorite is their Bali watch.

3 | Santiago Huckleberry by Voluspa

This is the best candle/scent in the World! It’s described as smelling “sweet and spicy, with hints of vanilla pod and sugarcane” and it’s very accurate. What I love most about this candle is that it’s one that fills up a room. It’s not the candle that smells good next to your nose, but it also smells good when it’s lit up! It also comes in the adorable purple tin.

4 | Jeweled Bird Frame from Z Gallerie

This picture frame makes me so happy. The little bird…the jewels…the shape. It’s just all around great! I like little details around my house, the ones you have to look to find, and this definitely fits. It doesn’t stand out right away, but when you get close, you can’t help but smile. Right? :)

5 | Skype

Skype is my new internet BFF. My sister has recently moved to Hawaii, and this is my favorite way to communicate with her! I use it on my computer and iphone. It’s my handy-dandy communication service that helps make it feel like I’m not so far away from my sister. Yayy! Also, it’s free to download so you should check it out!

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