GUEST POST | Autumn Style Inspiration by Jennifer Worrell

Autumn is hands down my favorite season! From the crispness in the air to the shorter daylight, to the yummy sweaters that can *finally* come out of the closet…it’s chalk full of seasonal goodness.

I saw this pic on The Sartorialist the other day (amazing fashion blog, btw), and it set my inspiration fuel on fire!

There’s so much going on here, yet it all just “goes”, doesn’t it? The colors inspire me most. The purple with the ivory coat on the backdrop of grey stone benches splashed by the cobalt blue velvet shoe?  That’s just what fall does: it blends contrasts with texture and layers. Think about it – fall has that chill in the air, but it produces the most vibrant, warm color palette of the year (burnt orange, anyone?). While most of us aren’t at the runway shows taking a break at a park in Paris, I think there’re lots of ways to bring this home. Here are some of my personal fall fashion goals.

{Goal 1} Pair cool colors with warm colors

I want to blend a few colors to make this happen. I’m thinking cognac or burgundy with ivory. It’s high drama, similar to black and white, but with a touch more femininity. (I fully intend on wearing white this fall. Granted, the Texas fashion police may not like it after Labor Day. Oh well!)

If you can’t bring yourself to wear white after Labor Day, you could totally do this with your makeup.

For the burgundy version: Do a creamy, pearl eyeshadow, smudge in a taupe eyeliner, and top the look off with a rich, burgundy or red lip color. If you don’t like lipstick, go with gloss.

For the cognac version: Smudge a dark, warm brown into the lashline, highlight with a pale pink shimmer on the inner corner of your eye and browbone, and top your look off with a warm bronzer to pull it all together.

{Goal 2} Leave no outfit un “jeweled”

The cobalt blue shoes in the first shot are fab to the u-lous! Jewel tones are popping up everywhere it seems. I tend to think this trend will fade by next season, so I don’t plan on spending a lot of money on this one. However, scarves, headbands, manicures, and eyeliner are all ways to pull in jewel tones without paying oodles of cash. This is wear I’ll probably look for some thrift store earrings to use as either…well…earrings. Oooooorrrrr I’ll be making them into a hairclip. Voila!

{Goal 3} Wear a real, fancified, chic hat. Or lots.

Let’s give some props on that *amazing* hat! If I accomplish no other goal this season, wearing a hat is a must. Where do we gals find one? Again, thrift store. JC Penney’s also has good, affordable selections. How cute is this one?!


Big thanks to Jennifer for these AMAZING fashion ideas for Autumn!! Jennifer is one of the sweetest people I know, and she always knows whats up when it comes to fashion. She also is the one and only who designed AND made my wedding dress. I am such a fan of this girl!

You can follow Jennifer on Twitter or check out her blog, Adventures of life as a Real Blonde.

What do you think of the Autumn inspiration and what are you looking forward to trying out this season? I’d love to know!

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