Cupcakes | June 7th

I just think our cupcake cakes were so cute!

I was inspired to do this after going to my friend Taylor’s wedding. She had cupcakes(delicious cupcakes!) and a small cake for her and her hubby to cut into. So I copied her. Thanks, Taylor! :)

My sister, Jillian, made our cake for us to cut into. It was very good even though most of it was shoved in my face. ;)

We got our cupcakes from Sam’s. Yes, the big Wal-Mart Warehouse!! That’s where Taylor had gotten hers, and I thought that was so brilliant. It was such a great deal, and their cupcakes are so good. Good for the taste buds and our budget!

To make our cupcakes more unique, we got edible glitter (in silver) to sprinkle on top of them. They added a fun sparkle! It’s called “Disco Dust” and you can order it online or find it at a local bake shop. Remember, with glitter a little goes a long way!

(Photography by Scott Cornelius)

I’m really happy with how our cupcakes turned out. They were set up beautifully, and the glitter on top was just what it needed to make them special.

What was unique about your wedding cake? I’d love to hear!

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