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My Top 5 | May 2012

1 | Hawaiian Ring

I found this at a local shop in Kona when I was there a few weeks ago. “Kelly Green” is my new favorite pop of color!

2 | Maui Babe

Best tanning lotion ever? Yeah. Brandon’s mom picked this up on her trip to Hawaii last fall and asked me to pick some more up for her while I was there. I decided to get a bottle for myself too. I felt tanner the moment I put it on! It will be my new summer go-to tanning lotion. You can order it on Amazon HERE!

3 | White Nail Polish

(photo via weheartit!)

This is just so summer-chic to me. I love the classiness of having plain white nails. Also, all colors go great with white so it’s a fun color to play around with.

4 | Handwritten Notes

(learn how to do these cute DIY “merci” cards HERE!)

Even though we are in the digital age where emails, facebook wall posts, and twitter @replys help us stay in touch NOTHING beats a personal note mailed to your doorstep. I love sending and receiving these!

5 | Record Player

I am so excited about this. I had been eying this at Target for a while. It plays the radio, records, CD’s, cassette tapes and it hooks up to your iPod. After this purchase we headed to our local half priced books and searched through their records to see what they had. We left with some Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel and my husbands favorite, classical music!

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