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This weekend I will be going to Taylor Swift’s Dallas concert while she is on her “Speak Now” tour. I am SO excited!! Seriously though, it’s like Christmas in October for me. :)

When it comes to big events, I always like to try something new/different on my nails. I thought I would share with you guys the look I came up with for the concert.

This look is inspired by the bottle for Taylor’s new perfume, “Wonderstruck.”

If you end up trying this manicure out, I’d love to see it!
You can tweet me a picture or send me a link in the comment box below. :)

What you will need:

Base & Top Coat
Shade of purple
Glittery Purple
Glittery Gold


1. Start with bare nails shaped and ready for your manicure and apply a base coat.

2. Once the base coat has dried, apply one coat of a purple color of your choice. This will be your base color. (Having a base color is helpful when the sparkle doesn’t have great coverage by itself. My glitter had pretty good coverage, but it’s always best to be safe!)

3.  Next, apply two coats of your glittery purple. Make sure it dries completely before the next step!

4. Get your sponge and apply a layer of your glitter gold to the corner.

5. Gently dab on your nail starting at the top and moving down toward the cuticles to create the look of a gradient. Apply the gold with the sponge on to all of your nails. (I found this VIDEO TUTORIAL very helpful to learn how to do a gradient. Thanks @RachhLoves!)

6. Apply a top coat and your manicure is complete!!

This last week I entered a contest for The Beauty Department to do a nail tutorial for their “Nail It!” contest. It was so much fun to do! When I emailed them my pictures and instructions, I had no idea that I would be chosen as the winner.

They have so many creative followers, and I was looking forward to learning a new manicure that upcoming Wednesday(that’s when they were announcing the winner). I was (and still am) so shocked when I found out they selected my nails. I am SO excited to share this with you!

So…in case you haven’t seen the post on their website be sure to check it out HERE so you can learn how to give yourself a Mixed Metals manicure. :)

I’ve had a few people ask what nail polish I used so I thought I’d share that with you guys!

Dark Gold | 14 karats by Claire Cosmetics

Light Gold | Curry Up Don’t Be Late from OPI’s India Collection

Sparkles | Only Gold For Me by Sephora by OPI

Thanks again to Lauren, Kristien, and Amy for selecting my nails for this guest post!!