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What you will need:

White Nail Polish
Clear Coat
Thin tip paintbrush


*not pictured* Start with 2-3 coats of a white nail polish. (Mine took 3 coats.) Let the nail polish dry before moving on. I used Julep’s Quick Dry Polish Drops to help speed up the process.

1. Apply a clear coat to one nail. This will act as the glue for the sequins.

2. Dip the thin paintbrush into the clear coat. This helps pick up the glitter and place the glitter exactly where you want it.

3. Pour out a little glitter and grab one piece of glitter at a time with the brush.

4. Place the first piece of glitter where you would like the bottom tip of the heart to be.

5. Continue placing piece by piece into the shape of a heart. I found placing the glitter into a “V” shape first helped the heart shape come in to place. If the top coat dries and is no longer grabbing the glitter apply another clear coat and keep adding glitter until you are happy with the look of the heart.

I like the look of the layered glitter so I did each layer 2-3 times. Also, the more layers the more it has the effect of looking like a heart.

6. Apply a top coat and your manicure is complete. You can continue and do all of your nails or use this technique as an accent nail!


I used a gold, copper, pink, red and silver. Be sure to wear your heart to match your new manicure! If you don’t have one yet, you can get one here!


I couldn’t agree more with Zooey’s statement! Life has been pretty crazy the past few months and I’ve had to put my nail parties at the end of my to do list. I’m thinking 2013 is the year to bring it back!

What’s your go-to nail polish that brightens up your day? I’m always in the mood for something that sparkles!

Nuvintage is a jewelry line my friend Jessica started a few years ago to raise money for a mission trip.

She uses buttons, lace, pearls and anything else that inspires her to create necklaces, rings, picture frames and journals! Her motto “Laced in God’s purity…buttoned in His beauty” is the perfect description for her and her Nuvintage line!

A few weeks ago she posted a photo of some new rings she has been working on. I couldn’t help but love her nails! I’ve always had a weakness for chevron you know…


-Thin angled brushes (I bought this cheap kids pack of 5!)
-3 colors of your choice! (I used acrylic paint because I liked how thick it went on with ONE coat. Acrylic paint is not a must!)
-Paper Plate
-Cup of Water & Paper towel
-Top Coat


1 | Start with the color you would like to be your bottom line. I used the dark blue. I put my paint on a paper plate so it was easer to get on my paint brush.

I used the second to largest brush from my pack and I created the shape by painting 3 triangles. It should look like an “M” (or a “W” if you look at it upside down!)

Using your cup of water, rinse off your brush so it does not get ruined.

2 | After the first coat has dried, use the color you would like to be the last line of colors (I used a turquoise). By skipping the second line of color for now, you will be able to get the smooth coverage across the tips of your nails.

Using a medium size brush from the pack, I use the same technique of painting 3 (smaller) triangles to get the chevron pattern.

Using your cup of water, rinse off your brush so it does not get ruined.

3 | Once that layer has dried, use your final color (I used a light yellow).

I used the thinest brush in my pack for this one. Paint on the line between the two colors.

Using your cup of water, rinse off your brush so it does not get ruined.

4 | Put on your top coat and you are done!* Because I used acrylic paint it was a bit easier to do clean up. I found that this dries much quicker than nail polish. So, if you are unhappy with lines you can go over again and clean those up.

Since this is all done by hand I found it hard to get this to look perfect, BUT I love this hand-painted look and I can not stop staring at my nails. If you find it is too hard to do all of your nails like this, it is definitely a fun nail accent to try!

*Be sure to seal the tips of your nail with the top coat. Acrylic paint will not stay on as well as nail polish so this will help the paint last longer. :)

PS – check out Nuvintage on Facebook and purchase a ring to match your new manicure! ;)

I haven’t posted nails in a while and I’ve been kinda stuck on what to do lately. Bummer!
BUT while you wait, I thought I’d share the more detailed instructions of what I did for NEET Magazine this last winter. An oldie but still a goody.

You can have fun and change the colors to make this look for springy for you. :)

This was inspired by BHLDN’s “Fairy Song Gown” from their winter collection. Enjoy!


  • Base Nail Polish
  • Matte pearl colored Nail Polish
  • Gold Glittery Nail Polish
  • Toothpick


1. Start with bare nails shaped and ready for your manicure and apply a base coat.

2. Once the base coat has dried, apply 1-2 coats of your matte pearl colored nail polish. If you don’t have or can’t find a pearl color that comes in matte, then use any nail polish you like and apply a matte top coat to all of your nails. Be sure to let the color dry before you apply the matte top coat.

3. Apply a thin layer of your glittery gold to a toothpick.

4. Create lines on all your nails while skipping your ring fingers.

5. Once you complete your lines apply 1-2 coats of your glittery gold to your ring finger and your manicure is complete!!

What you will need:

Base & Top Coat
Dark Pink
Medium Pink
Light Pink
Reinforcement stickers


1. Start with either your darkest pink or lightest pink. (I will do both for you!) Try to use colors that have good coverage with just one coat; you want this layer to dry completely before the next step.

2. Put two reinforcement stickers together (should look like an “8”) and place them towards the bottom of your nails. You are going to do this twice so look at your nail and cover 1/3 of each. We want to make room for all 3 of the colors for the final look!

3. Paint your medium color. If possible just paint one coat, you will also want this to dry completely before placing stickers on your nails again. I personally like to use quick drying nail polish for the first and middle layers. (Sally Hansen has a bunch of great colors that are “Insta Dry”!!)

4. Remove the stickers when the paint has dried with your medium shade. Waiting for it to dry is important because removing the sticker too soon will cause the nail polish to smear and not have clean lines. TRUST me. :)

5. Now repeat steps 2 & 3, this time, using either your darkest pink or lightest pink. (I was able to reuse my stickers, so I used 20 stickers total.)

6. Remove the stickers once that layer has dried and check out those nails!!! At first, they may look choppy and layered but once your apply your top coat it will even out and complete the look on your nails. Plus putting stickers on your nails can dull your color some, so this also helps your colors be bright and shiny again.

I am so excited to be a contributor for the December issue of N.E.E.T. Magazine.

Stephanie J (editor of N.E.E.T. magazine) asked me if I’d be interested in creating a holiday look for her magazine after she saw my nails on The Beauty Department. I was so excited!!!

What stuck out to me about N.E.E.T. Magazine is that it is eco-friendly. They feature natural and organic products in their magazine. (You can learn more about N.E.E.T. HERE!)

Creating this look and finding colors was a fun challenge! I learned about what “3 Free” means which then turned into me doing some research on products I already own. I now know what I’m putting on my nails!

I am really happy with the outcome of the nails. At first, I thought my idea was crazy, but I got so many compliments from strangers and my friends. One of my friends said they reminded her of vintage Christmas ornaments! Love that!!

I wish I could say that vintage ornaments are what inspired this look…but when BHLDN released their winter bridal gowns the day after I was asked to create a look I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I was so inspired by this dress!! Beautiful, right??

You can check out the manicure and instructions on N.E.E.T.’s website HERE. It is featured on pages 162-163.

Let me know what you guys think! Also, be sure to like N.E.E.T. on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to get their latest and greatest updates!