My Top 5 | September 2011

1 | Cobalt Blue

This color. Right here. I feel like I’m seeing it for the first time. I am loving how designers are using it right now. It’s a fun pop of color for this upcoming Fall, and I’m finding it mixes well with fall colors. Give it a try. :)

2 | Golden Bronzer by elf

I was just recently introduced to this, and I love it! It gives a great natural color to my skin tone, and I love the shimmer it puts on my face. Plus…are you ready for this?? It’s only $3!!!! Get yourself some at Target and try it out.

3 | Leather Jackets with Soft Dresses

Obsessed…this is what I look for when I go shopping lately. Soft, pretty and flowy dresses. PLUS!! I love the look of adding a leather jacket to bring the look of fall to your outfit. Yep yep yep. Okay, that’s all about that. :)

4 | Subtle Braids

This is one of my favorite hair looks. I love the texture it adds to your hair. If you aren’t one for adding color and/or feathers to your hair (or maybe your school, job or budget doesn’t allow it…) but you want to be adventurous this is the look for you!

(SIDE NOTE: As I’m about to post this I am noticing that all of the pictures here are of blonds. For my brunette and red head friends…this will still look beautiful on you!!! I think I was just drawn to these pictures because I’m blond. Woops!)

5 | DIY Animal Candles

This just makes me happy. I recently purchased a bigger dinosaur to recreate this little guy! I’m so excited to share it with y’all! Check out the tutorial that inspired me HERE.

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