Coffee Table Book of the Year goes to…

The New York Times 36 Hours: 150 Weekends In The USA & Canada

I am slightly obsessed with this book.

“A compilation of updated and new versions of the Gray Lady’s weekly travel column, which offers jam-packed yet practical itineraries for spending two nights and half a day in varied destinations, from the great urban centers on everyone’s travel list to surprising locales with undiscovered character and charm.”

My husband and I have this five year plan that includes us traveling as much as our budget and free time will allow. When I came across this book at Anthropologie a few weeks ago I was probably way too happy and bouncy about going home to explore it.

This book literally PLANS a weekend getaway for you. It shows you where you can stay, what you eat, and the history a single city holds. Reading this and looking through it is almost as good as traveling itself.

One of the things I loved when I first saw and skimmed the the book in the store was the artwork and layout. So fun right?! I love the colorful book marks and the tabs that separate the different regions of the USA & Canada.

What are some of your favorite coffee table books?

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