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My Top 5 | Everything Pink and Valentines

1 | Stila Lip Stain

This is the easiest way for me to get color on my lips. Lipstick drives me crazy on a day-to-day basis. I like this color because it’s kind of daring for me. I don’t usually put bright colors on my lips, but this color pushes me but keeps me in my comfortable pink lip color zone. :)

2 | PINK Wii Remote

Is this the dumbest thing ever to put on a Top 5 favorite things? Probably. But I just really love my pink Wii remote!! Brandon has a blue one so now it’s like we have “His & Hers” Wii remotes. Freakishly adorable right?!

3 | Pink jewelry holder

I got this pink jewelry holder at my favorite antique shop. I’m not sure what it originally was. To me it kind of looks like an old piece of a light fixture that someone spray painted pink…and I’m glad they did! This sits on my nightstand and whenever I get into bed and forget to take my jewelry off I have a safe place to put it. (No more earrings falling onto the floor, YAY!)

4 | “Mrs” Kate Spade Necklace

I know this isn’t pink, but I thought it did fall under the category of “Valentines”…

My sweet girlfriends got this for me for my birthday! They know how much I love Kate Spade, and I guess somehow knew how much I secretly wanted this necklace. It has the perfect gold glimmer, and it sits perfectly around my neck. :)

5 | French Affair by Essie

Best. Pink. EVER. I promise you!! This is the color I used on my Valentine Nails Post for my “Light Pink” and I want to share it with one of YOU!

Leave a comment below and share with me something you love about Valentines day! Traditions? Food? Chocolate? Favorite flower?

Or if you’re anti valentines day, but you want the nail polish…what is your favorite nail polish??

Giveaway ends at midnight tonight, and I will announce a winner tomorrow. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! :)

*Giveaway has ended. Congrats Jamie Forsberg!! :)

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