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I’m so excited to share this hair tutorial by my best friend, Ashley Greenwood. A few weeks ago she texted me this new technique she figure out and we knew it just HAD to be shared with everyone.

I LOVE the look of the curls and they really do last all day! It’s also great the next day after a good nights sleep. This look is perfect for everyday, girls night, date night (HINT HINT…Valentines Day is just around the corner!!) the list goes on! Enjoy!!


What you will need:

1″ Curling Iron
Bobby pins galore


1. Start with clean hair. I know it is tempting to try day four hair but the cleaner your hair the more volume and lift you will get. Spray hair with texture spray or hairspray and brush hair out.

2. Start curling your hair with a 1″ barrel (we used hot tools). Focus on the roots first, working your way down down that section of hair.

3. After you complete the curl, loop it back into a curl with your hand and secure with a bobby pin.

4. Repeat until all hair is curled and pinned.

5. Let your hair cool. You can leave it up as long as you want, I like to do my hair first and let the curls set as I do my makeup and get dressed.

6. Remove pins starting at the bottom.

7. Flip hair, run your fingers through strands and style. Viola!

Tutorial: Ashley Greenwood
Photos: Taylor Sanchez
Layout/Model: Jenna Day

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  • Kimberly Ann Martin

    Thanks! Ill have to try this out ;)

  • Kenzie

    Is there any upside/downside to leaving them in the bobby pins for a long time?

    • Ashley Greenwood

      Kenzie, I like to leave them in as long as possible. The goal is to let the curls cool completely before releasing them. This will help with longevity.

  • Alyssa

    Hey ladies! What do you mean by start from the roots then work your way down the hair?

    • Ashley Greenwood

      Hi Alyssa, yes you want to start at the top of your hair and work your way down. But you also want to curl with the iron on the root of the section of first (like picture three) before working down the section to complete the curl. This will give you extra lift and volume! Hope this helps!

  • Wendy Callahan

    Love it! I tried it and I’m blogging about my attempt and mentioning your page! Thanks for the great tutorial.

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